Hi Guys

I’m Ben fitness instructor and Personal Trainer here at theGym Monasterevin.

I wanted to share one of the different styles of training Iuse in my own workout routine!

Having cystic fibrosis (45% lung function ) I’ve learnedthat there are hundreds of different ways to effectively train and improve yourbody without pushing your body to breaking point day in and day out.

Today I’m going to touch on the topic of – Unilateral weighttraining. One of the best things about fitness is that your options fortraining are nearly limitless.

If you want to – gain muscle , burn fat , build strength,then you might benefit from unilateral training. Most good workout routinesinclude a huge amount  of bilateralmovements such as;

– deadlifts




That said research suggests most people can benefitimmensely from adding unilateral training

(training with one side of the body at a time) into theircurrent training routine.

What is unilateral training ?

Simply put unilateral training is any form of movement thattrains one limb at a time rather than both arm or legs simultaneously.

Common examples are;

– Split squats

– single arm rows

– pistol squats

– single arm curls

Curious as to why you should add unilateral training to yourroutine ?

Check out some of the benefits below

1. Corrects imbalances

2. Core stability

3. Improves muscular stimulation

4. Develops motor skills

If you’d like to no any more about weight training or gymwork don’t hesitate to stop me if you see me on the gym floor and ask me forhelp

Ben The Gym Team

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