It’s possible that there is no one-size-fits-all timeline. Nevertheless, in order to strengthen legs, back, or any other muscle group, rest is just as important as repetitions. Rest days are vital to prevent overtraining which can affect performance, could raise blood pressure, disrupt sleep, lower immunity, and more.

Recovery of muscles takes place during rest periods, so they grow stronger. That’s right🤗strength and muscle gain actually occurs outside the gym, during periods of rest rather than inside.

It has been shown by Dean G, Burt and Craig Twist that a minimum of 48 hours of rest is the optimal amount to allow muscle recovery and prevent injury among competitive athletes. If you are new to exercise, it’s suggested resting up to 72 hours between workouts, while others suggest sleeping eight hours a night to recover.

A meta-analysis by Matthew R, Rhea et al. also suggested that untrained individuals achieve maximum gains when they train each muscle group three times a week, while trained individuals for two times a week. Additionally, both trained and untrained individuals showed maximal gains with four sets per muscle group.

To determine whether you are getting adequate rest, you must consider other factors. Older people, for example, may experience slower muscle recovery and growth. You should also consider how often you work out, what you eat, and the duration of your exercise regimen.
There are so many reports out there about exercise, but there is one thing for sure: REST is key🔑 to muscle growth and to maintaining your fitness level.

So Let’s be mindful of how we feel and let’s be listening to our bodies😊