Hello everyone reading, my name is Nathan Daly I am a supervisor and a personal trainer in The Gym Monasterevin.

I’m going to be taking you through the importance and integration of strength and conditioning principles into a rehabilitation program.

You might be thinking “Nathan if I’m injured I should rest it till I’m recovered ”. That may be true for certain injuries this may not always be the case.

During the recovery, building and strengthening the structure ( ligaments,tendons and muscles) around the the damaged joint helps to take the load of that joint. This in turn will reduce pain and discomfort whilst helping build the affected area back to full function.

For example, if you were to damage your knee, the areas you would want to strengthen and condition would be your hamstring and quads because these are the muscles that are supporting the knee.

As we talk about the importance during injury it is vital to keep the strength and conditioning after the injury also. This looks at injury prevention which is another vital aspect of training.

If you are an active athlete trying to compete at the highest level of your field or coming into the gym as a novice, injury prevention should be the concern. No one wants to be injured and in pain so we need to look at the fundamentals and doing them right. We don’t need to be doing something we have seen on Instagram that looks cool. If we stick to the basics and do them with 100% correct form and the right weight this will benefit us not just in injury prevention but in are strength and conditioning training.

I appreciate your time in reading my opinion on the importance of the integration of strength and conditioning into rehabilitation. This is a small percentage of what you should know and it’s important to research and ask questions before jumping in.

I’m Nathan and thanks for reading.

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